Our Anime Top 10 for September 2014

Our top 10 anime’s of September in terms of total sells (in brackets () is the position of the Anime in August):

Would you rank these in your top 10?  Let us know what you think!

You can see from our list that Pokemon has remained ahead, and I’m sure a lot of 90s kids will agree with that.  Bleach & Vocaloid have switched positions & Totoro climbed the highest, moving 9 places from 15th to 6th.  Very impressive!

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Sword Art Online II

If you don’t know already, Sword Art Online II will be airing this week.  There has been quite a bit of hype surrounding  it so lets hope its as good as we expect it to be!

Here’s a trailer for your pleasure.

Pokemon Goodies Giveaway!

If your a fan of Pokemon, you will love this prize giveaway!

Enter here!

8x Bookmarks – Different designs, including Pikachu, Totodile & Pichu
2x Figures – Tauros & Banette
3x Plushies – Jolteon, Vaporeon & a Moon Poke Ball.
1x Keyring Set – Baby Legendary Keyring charms.

Competition closes on the 1st August 2014.

Japan’s DVD Ranking, June 16-22

A look at the top 10 DVD rankings in terms of sells for the week June 16th to 22nd.  As you can see The Wind Rises has done massively well over the first week of release, a good 55,000 sells in front of second placed Kuroko’s Basketball 2nd Season.

  Rank    Last
 Title   Weekly
 Release Date   Maker
 Artist/Category  Highest
on Chart
1 The Wind Rises 63,111 63,111 14/6/18 WDS
Animation 1 1
2 Kuroko’s Basketball 2nd Season 6 6,743 6,743 14/6/20 BVS
Animation 2 1
3 Ace of Diamond Vol. 2 4,964 4,964 14/6/18 PC
Animation 3 1
4 1 Mobile Suit Gundam UC 7 3,143 51,559 14/6/6 BVS
Animation 1 3
5 Yowamushi Pedal(Yowapeda) Vol. 7 2,113 2,113 14/6/18 TOH
Animation 5 1
6 4 Lupin III vs. Detective Conan The Movie Regular Edition 1,855 13,078 14/6/4 SGK
Animation 3 3
7 2 Initial D: Final Stage Vol. 1 1,179 5,872 14/6/13 AVP
Animation 2 2
8 5 Lupin III vs. Detective Conan The Movie Deluxe Edition 1,075 14,438 14/6/4 SGK
Animation 2 3
9 Is the order a rabbit? Vol. 1 1,060 1,060 14/6/20 NUE
Animation 9 1
10 One Week Friends Vol. 1 DVD 1,047 1,047 14/6/18 TOH

Source: Anime News NetworkOricon

Bleach Goodies Competition

This competition is now closed, and the winner selected.  Thanks for entering!

1 week to go to get your entry in for a chance of winning a bundle of Bleach Goodies.

We will notify the winner on the 1st of July via email, and send a newsletter to everyone who has applied with information for our next competition which will start as soon as this one has finished!